Multi-parameter water quality

Envitech can supply a range of instruments which are capable of measuring a number of different parameters within the same instrument. These include hand held multiparameter sondes, Fixed site on line instruments, fixed site in-situ instruments and multiparameter hand held photometer systems

GO-Sys Bluesense

GO-Sys: BlueSense is a low cost 2 or 4 channel monitoring system for aqueous environments. The Blue sense may be used as a stand alone instrument or may be networked into an extensive array of monitoring and control modules via the “Blue Box” interface. Sensors may be insitu or in a flow through cell arrangement. Parameters available include: pH, ORP, T, DO, Turbidity and a variety of ISE sensors
water quality analysis


GO-Sys-ISA (In Situ Spectral Analyser) is a UV/VIS spectrometer. The software processes the absorption spectrum using previously modelled calibration data to produce values for the parameters or multi parameters programmed. The ISA sensor is constructed of SS and contains NO electronics, making it particularly suitable for high temperature aggressive environments. The Blue Box controller is a powerful interface allowing up to 100 differing sensors to be connected via a CAN bus network. Many different parameter sensors may be accommodated as well as the ISA.

MultiSys Aquapro

MultiSys: AquaPro is a sophisticated flexible analysis platform suitable for a wide range of process applications. It is capable of interfacing up to 4 different sensors allowing measurement of many parameters including pH/ORP, Conductivity, DO, Dissolved Ozone, free Chlorine, Turbidity and suspended solids. It interfaces easily to site PLC or Scada via most current industry data communication protocols. Data and events are logged with data downloadable onto USB stick via the front panel port. The unit may be panel, pipe or wall mounted as required.