Multiparameter water quality

Envitech can supply a range of instruments which are capable of measuring a number of different parameters within the same instrument. These include hand-held multiparameter sondes, Fixed site on line instruments, fixed site in-situ instruments and multiparameter hand held photometer systems.

multiparameter ISA

GoSys ISA multiparameter

A few of our instruments are able to provide multiple measurements. The GoSys 'ISA', is a UV/VIS spectral analyser providing a way of measuring multiple parameters from a single sensor.

multiparameter transmitter

GoSys Bluesense transmitter

Additionally, from the same manufacturer, we have the 'Bluesense' system offering a staggering range of sensors each measuring a single parameter. Not only will these two systems (ISA and Bluesense) integrate into a common network, additional radio modules can be incorporated and the data collected, distributed to a PLC or made available on the cloud.

Multiparameter / Multi-sensor

The list of sensors (and therefore parameters measured) is vast, available mostly as dip-probe type, but also in a modular flow-cell system format resulting in a highly flexible system which can be configured to almost any type of application. Other instruments we have are able to measure several parameters at once, for instance InsiteIG have an optical DO sensor that can be combined with MLSS measurement and temperature. Envitech are also experienced at putting together several instruments into a single turnkey package meeting a variety of client requirements in a single cabinet. Please contact us with your specific needs and we will be happy to source instrumentation and put a system together.

M N Photometers

Multiple Measurements with photometers

Envitech also supply a range of photometers, which together with a selection of test kits, will be able to meet a whole host of water monitoring needs. We have hand-held photometers and state-of-the-art laboratory photometers to suit every application.

At one end of the 'spectrum', we have the PF3 hand-held photometers able to measure a range of tests suited to specific application groups. The range of instrumentation includes heating blocks for tests that need a digestion phase - we even have portable heating blocks. At the 'top-end' of the scale, we have the sophisticated touch-screen UV/Vis spectrophotometer from Macherey Nagel