LAR QuickTOCtrace

LAR's new TOC analyzer QuickTOCtrace is a reliable analyser for the lowest measuring ranges. It uses uv oxidation and differential conductivity measurement to determine organic contamination, making it ideal for TOC measurement of (ultra-)pure water.
The QuickTOCtrace is a compact and intuitive analyzer with a short reaction time - first results are available within 30 seconds.

Its comparatively low initial cost and, due to its robustness, low operating costs can increase the profitability of your manufacturing processes.

INSITE IG hand-held analysers

Building on the success of solid state sensors for DO and Suspended solids, Insite IG have recently updated their range of hand held analysers. Previously the 3100 (DO) and 3150 (SS) were available as separate units - in their new format, there is a single logger called the IPM. The sensors are interchangeable so that the IPM can log data from any of a range of 5 sensors. Other developments include additional data logging capacity increasing from 50 data points to 250 data points. Take a look at the range of sensors available on our IPM page.

9th European Waste Water Management Conference

Envitech was proud to sponsor this event and Jim Pickering (Envitech MD) chaired the Phosphorous removal Technical session.

Very interesting talks at the 9th European Waste Water Management Conference. The move toward very low consent levels for phosphate is forcing people to find ways of making changes in the processes. The strategies to do this vary from the addition of roughing filters within a percolating filter bed plant – through to over-arching control systems which use a wide range of inputs and sophisticated control software.  Talking to various speakers there was a common thread that data quality needs to be improved to maximise the benefits of control systems. There was some lively debate and it seems there is a lot more work to do to bring about infra-structure and mind-set change as we move forward.

Watermen, a dirty Business

Wonderful to see a program about the water industry. This is really looking at the sharp, smelly end of the business. Well done BBC.

Envitech Sends Water Testing Equipment to Malawi

Envitech has sent the first consignment of Macherey and Nagel Test Kits to the Fisherman's Rest.

This will help their work servicing pumps used for water supply.

Water pumps are helping the area - including the use of playground roundabouts to drive the pumps. Keeping a watch on water quality will allow the best use of that precious, finite resource - Water.

Envitech continue Going Places

Envitech has just acquired Unit S6 on the Capital Business Park.

This gives the opportunity to bring the service department next to production and R&D.

Building work will start soon and the space will be adapted to meet the currect and future needs of the company. Expansion has started and will continue as we play our part in meeting the instrumentation needs of the UK Water Industry


New Nitrate Quantofix test

Macherey and Nagel has launched a new, low range Quantofix test for Nitrate and nitrite.

This will be particularly useful for Dairies and other food industries which need to add saltpeter - potassium nitrate - in food preparation as a preservative.

It is important to keep track of nitrate and nitrite levels (especially in whey) through food production processes to ensure product safety.

Envitech are Going Places

Envitech - Doubles the number of staff to meet demand for the PBS Ammonia Monitor.

The PBS Ammonia Monitor continues to prove itself in the demanding world of waste water.

To meet increasing demand the production department has employed new people to increase production levels.


Envitech are moving.


Envitech has been loooking for larger premises and are moving in to a building which gives the right combination of space for Production, Research and Development, and offices.

Jim Pickering (MD) said " Envitech has taken significant steps forward over the last year and this move to larger premises will allow us to continue developing new products and secure our ability to meet the increasing demand for the PBS ammonia monitor."

The new address is ....

Unit S7
Capital Business Park

New phone number is 029 2036 4252.


Envitech Explore Africa

An exploratory team from Envitech travelled to Sub-Saharan Africa in July/August 2013. The plan was to investigate how the company could get involved in helping local development aid projects. This video is a snapshot of our findings and will help us to discuss the next step for the Envitech team.