FlowSys - Flowmeters and accessories from Envitech

Closed Pipe

The 'Time of flight' meters from Envitech come in hand-held, portable and fixed site formats, also available are a wide range of ultra-sonic sensor options. Clamp-on units, being non-invasive are ideal for retro-fitting or auditing existing pipe flow devices.

These are ideal for use with non-conductive fluids that do not work with the 'magflo' range. Explosion-proof versions are also available, as are integrated temperature measurement for evaluating energy flows and losses.

Added to this range are a range of Doppler flowmeters for full and partially-full pipes. They are used to measure solids-bearing or aerated liquids in metal or plastic pipes. Proprietry circuitry allows operation with lower concentration of suspended solids than most other Doppler flow meters.

mag flow meter
atex clamp-on flow meter
clamp on flow meter
ultra-sonic flowmeter

Open Channel

Envitech can offer a range of open-channel flow metering devices including:FlowSys_Aqualogger - A highly competitive, high specification flow logger, ideal for industrial discharge monitoring FlowSys_AV - an innovative area-velocity unit available as fixed site and portable, may be used to caluclate flow without a primary device

Envitech Ltd can also offer a range of highly-regarded ultrasonic level sensors and associated hardware from MJK

level sensor

Flumes and weirs

Envitech Ltd are able to supply a wide range of primary devices suitable for flow measurement to suit your needs, from off-the-shelf designs to purpose-designed and built units.Flumes:

  • Palmer Bowlus
  • Parshall
  • H-Flumes

Flow Inserts


Flow meters can also be supplied to complement the primary device to give a complete flow solution.

palmer bowlus flume
parshall flumes