WebServer Remote Data

Remote data access

Envitech Ltd recognise the need for data collection and recording, and have been pro-active in using GSM and webserver data options to enable clients to process data and generate alarms. Our Tideway monitoring project generates multi-parameter information from a range of sites. This can be accessed by clients with a login and password - Remote data is stored and graphically illustrated, and can also be downloaded by the client.

One of our suppliers (Go Systemelektronik) has their own data solution called Bluegate. Anyone can view the Bluegate demo pages, a link is provided below. You can configure this system to meet your specific needs.

1. Tideway Storm Water Monitoring

Login access required

Tideway Data

 2. Gosys ISA Webdata

Demo test data

[opens in a new window - takes you to the 'LIVE' tab of the Go-Sys Bluegate demo] - you can select the various tabs or click on the icons next to the parameters you want to access.

bluegate remote data