• Automatic calibration and self cleaning
  • User selectable measuring & calibration interval
  • Generic or bespoke parameter
  • Integral Data logger for value and malfunction logging
  • Several liquor pretreatment systems available
  • Photometric, Ionometric, titrometric & direct read sensor
    technology all available

  • Complete flexibility
  • Choice of method to suit parameter, range and sample characteristic
  • Remote communications/fault diagnoses and control
  • Fully automatic operation with cyclical calibration and dilution processes

Any application where continuous parameter analysis of an aqueous substrate is required.

The BlueMon ist a fully configurable, wet-chemical multichannel online analyser. The operating interface is especially user-friendly and hence may be bought either preconfigured or as a generic system to be programmed by the user, utilising the newly designed Flow-Chart-Method software to program analysis cycles.
Parameters may be detected by directly connected sensors e.g. pH , temp etc , modelled using a UV/Vis spectrometer and software, or measured using ionometric, photometric or titrometric wet chemical methods.
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