Algae Measurement

Algae Measurement

Envitech Ltd can offer a range of instrumentation for Algal measurement in the field or the lab. This includes portable devices for spot-sampling with direct read-out and logging, through to online analysers giving real-time measurements.

Also within this range is the bbe ALA cuvette lab analyser.

portable algae monitors

Portable Algae Detection

Hand-held devices for Algae Monitoring

A range of devices of varying sophistication and application are available for Algae Measurement. Each device has been designed for a specific range of activities. These include Water Framework directive monitoring, Bathing Water directive monitoring, Marine and Fresh Water environmental survey and water body profiling.

Algae measurement is important for detection of dangerous algal blooms in natural water bodies and reservoirs. Water bodies accessed by animals and humans may require algae analysis. Blue-green algae can be a serious threat to drinking water supplies, and public health through toxin production. Continuous monitoring is essential for early detection of harmful algal blooms.

  • Algaetorch - The bbe AlgaeTorch is a portable algal monitor for quantitative "field" measurement of blue-green algae and total chlorophyll in marine and fresh waters
  • Benthotorch - The bbe Benthotorch measures benthic algae in real time and in-situ by utilising the characteristic fluorescence of different algal pigments in the intact cell, hence requiring no sample preparation
  • Fluoroprobe - The bbe FluoroProbe is a highly sensitive measuring instrument for chlorophyll analysis. It quickly and reliably determines chlorophyll concentration down to depths of 100m.
online Algae Measurement

online Algae Measurement

Online and lab instruments for Algal monitoring

The online, flow through machines are specifically designed for real time Measurement of total and individual classes of algae in water bodies. Ideal for long term monitoring and abstraction control systems.

The bbe ALA is a cuvette analyser which can be used to measure a batch of samples from any number of locations. You can use this system for measuring samples taken at varying depths as well as at various locations. bbe-Moldaenke also produce the sophisticated AOA (Algal online analyser), and it's simpler counterpart, the Algae-Guard.

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