Total Organic Carbon (TOC)

Total Organic Carbon Analysis

UV analyser

Multiparameter UV analyser


Go-Sys_ISA is a spectrometer working in the wavelength range of 200-720nm (UV-VIS). It is widely used to give calculated "COD" and "TOC" values - for example in the dairy industry. Other parameters can be measured simultaneously.  Click here for more information.

TOC test kits

TOC test kits

M&N test kits

Easy-to-use Macherey & Nagel photometers and test kits are available from Envitech in the UK. These allow field or lab based analysis of a range of water and wastewater parameters including TOC.

We can supply a full range of both hand-held and desk-top photometers, and test kits covering a huge array of parameters. Additionally, we can also supply all the accessories you will need to carry out the analyses for your application.

We are more than happy to help identify the best way to measure specific parameters in different applications


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