Nitrate Analysis

Nitrate analysis for sewage process liquors and effluents, river abstraction and potable waters. Envitech Ltd can supply a range of instruments and test kits to measure nitrate in different applications.



nitrate analyser
AmNiSys Nitrate analyser using ISE technology with optional compensation for known interferences. The unit is available as Nitrate, Ammonia or combined Nitrate and Ammonia. Other parameters can also be added to the AmNiSys probe as required.


nitrate spectrometer

A spectrometer working in the wavelength range of 200-720nm (UV-VIS). Each measurement gives an absorption spectra over the whole wavelength range. A spectrometer can be used in many different applications using a relevant calibration, it may also be used for multi-parameter measurement.

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test kits for nitrate

Field and lab Test Kits

Envitech Ltd are distributors for Macherey Nagel test kits comprising a range of test strips, photometers and other methods of measuring specific chemicals either in the field or in a laboratory environment. The range of tests available includes quick and easy test papers, special kits developed to avoid the use of hazardous substances (VISOCOLOR ECO), and a range of photometric measuring devices ranging from hand-held such as the compact PF-12, to table-top devices such as the NANOCOLOR 500D, the NANOCOLOR VIS spectrophotometer and the NANOCOLOR UV/VIS spectrophotometer.

Macherey Nagel are well established in Europe with 100 years of experience in analytical chemistry and a world-wide market. The Macherey Nagel quality system is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008.

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test strips
hand held photometer