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A range of lab and field testing equipment

hand-held analysis

Portable Analysis

A number of hand held devices are available for monitoring in many different situations including monitoring for suspended solids in mixed liquor and dissolved oxygen. We also supply portable photometers that can be used to monitor a vast range of water parameters. The Macherey Nagel PF12 can measure all the parameters in the Nanocolor range. The MN compact PF3 range are designed to measure specific application-based parameters.

Laboratory Respirometers

Envitech can offer a whole range of aerobic and anaerobic respirometers for a wide range of respirometer applications. Take a look at the wide range of equipment available by clicking the link.

multiparameter water quality monitoring

Multiparameter Sondes

Envitech can offer a range of multiparameter sondes for monitoring a wide variety of parameters. Multi-parameter sondes come in two types:

  • Optical instruments that can be configured to measure multiple wavelengths
  • Instruments that use a 'cluster' of sensors to give various parameter measurements


  • Complete mini-laboratories with reagents and accessories for water analysis
  • Chemical analysis without additional requiring accessories or chemistry experience

Many of the Visocolor tests can be used with our photometers including the new range of compact PF3 units which provide application-specific measurements.

photometer for use with test kits


Extensive range of barcoded analysis kits that provide simple but accurate cost effective results you can depend on. These are primarily designed to be used with the wide range of photometers available from macherey nagel. Additionally, we can supply a range of accessories including heating blocks for the tests that require digestion (such as COD and metals)

Dip & Read Test brochures for the Food Industry and Beverage Industry are now available from Envitech - please get in touch if you would like one of the Industry-specific brochures.
test kits for industry


Envitech Ltd are UK distributors for Macherey Nagel test kits and photometers. The photometers are available as portable or benchtop devices, and can be used to measure a vast array of water and wastewater parameters. Test kits are quality controlled and manufactured with a high degree of integrity. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements for lab or field photometers, or any of the vast range of Macherey Nagel test kits and test-strips.