Dip and Read test strips

test kits for food and beverage industry
test kits for industry

Dip & Read Test brochures for the Food Industry and Beverage Industry are now available from Envitech - please get in touch if you would like one of the Industry-specific brochures.

For information about the new low range nitrate/nitrite test please click here

QUANTOFIX® test strips are semi-quantitative in nature, they meet the most important requirements for a modern quick test.


Most of the QUANTOFIX® test strips can be carried out in 10-120 seconds. That makes the application very quick for the end user.


All QUANTOFIX® tests are ready to use kits. They are precalibrated and contain all necessary equipment and reagents. As "labs in a pocket" they are very handy for the end user.


The colour charts are adjusted and checked using certified standardsolutions that are directly traceable to primary NIST standards. The user can be sure to receive accurate readings whenever he tests.


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Aquaculture QUANTOFIX® Ammonium - 91315
QUANTOFIX® Carbonate Hardness - 91323
QUANTOFIX® Nitrate/Nitrite - 91313
QUANTOFIX® Multistick for aquarium owners - 91326, 91327
Electroplating QUANTOFIX® Chromate - 91301
QUANTOFIX® Copper - 91304
QUANTOFIX® Cyanide - 91318
QUANTOFIX® Nickel - 91305
QUANTOFIX® Nitrate/Nitrite - 91313
QUANTOFIX® Zinc - 91310
Metal workshops QUANTOFIX® Nitrite - 91311
QUANTOFIX® Nitrite 3000 - 91322
QUANTOFIX® LubriCheck - 91336
processing industry
QUANTOFIX® Ascorbic Acid - 91314
QUANTOFIX® Calcium - 91324
 QUANTOFIX® Sulphite - 91306
QUANTOFIX® Chloride - 91321
QUANTOFIX® Peroxide - 91319, 91312, 91333
QUANTOFIX® Nitrate 100 - 91351
 QUANTOFIX® Phosphate - 91320