Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)

Macherey Nagel BOD test Kits

BOD measurement

Nanocolor BOD5

BOD measurement

Nanocolor BOD5-TT

The BOD test kits determine biochemical oxygen demand after 5 days (BOD5) of undiluted samples in accordance with DIN EN 1899-2H52.

Samples are incubated directly in the test tubes and determination of the dissolved oxygen is based on the Winkler procedure: DIN EN 25813-G21.

Macherey Nagel offer two different test kits, and a range of supporting accessories for determination of BOD, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

BioMonitor online BOD measurement

BOD measurement

Bio Monitor BOD analyser

Control of Industrial and Municipal WWTP

LAR's BioMonitor is an online BOD analyser for the determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), respiration and toxicity in wastewater. Using BioMonitor, operators can efficiently control their wastewater treatment plant.

  • The BioMonitor is suitable for many different applications:
  • Fast and reliable load ratio measurement of plant influent or effluent
  • Controlling denitrification at the effluent through controlled dosing
  • Adjustment of a constant sludge load by calculating the amount of return sludge using known concentration of influent biological degradable substances.
  • Monitoring water quality
BOD measurement with BioMonitor

BOD measurement using the LAR BioMonitor

The patented method of the BioMonitor replicates a treatment plant in miniature. Activated sludge from the plant is used to degrade substances in the wastewater. The oxygen used in this process is measured. The respiration rate of the micro-organisms in the activated sludge is taken into consideration in order to accurately measure the final BOD figure.

    • Precise and continuous determination of BOD in three or four minutes
    • Activated Sludge Respiration measurement not only enables accurate BOD measurement, but also reflects the condition of the plant biomass

BOD5 correlation

  • Touch screen display depicts clear graphical representation of measured values
  • Data may be printed out using the printer interface or transferred to a USB stick
  • High correlation with BOD-5
  • Rapid reaction to changes in BOD
  • Patented filterless sample preparation providing a representative sample

Please note that some new spare parts for the STIP BIOX 1010 and 1015 legacy BOD analysers are no longer available.

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