Oil detection

Oil detection in water, and on water measurement

Envitech can offer instruments for floating oil detection as well as Hydrocarbons present below the surface water.

Oil detection is an important factor for a very wide range of industries. We have supplied equipment for monitoring bore hole water at levels down to ppb. We can also supply equipment for detecting floating oil on surface water. Airport run-off, boiler condensate and drinking water intake protection are just a few of the applications that would benefit from this technology.


Oil ON Water

A simple and effective method of detecting visible oil on water. Deployed as a floating oil detector sensor on a suitable calm surface of a culvert or oil interceptor, the monitor reacts rapidly to partial and complete films of oil on the surface of the water.

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oil detection on water


Oil IN Water

A new generation of highly sensitive submersible sensors for oil-in-water measurement. The UV fluorescence principle, used for oil detection, is much more sensitive than any other existing detection principle, like infrared scattering, etc. This allows oil detection at very low levels of PAH (single ppb levels) for use in drinking water or condensate applications. Typical applications are discharge monitoring of airports and factories, leakage detection etc..

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oil detection in water