Oil Monitoring

Oil Monitoring - case studies

1. Surface Water Runoff Monitoring

PAH (polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons) and Turbidity, Conductivity, Oxygen, pH/T - Renault France

2. Detection of Trisol GB70 in Water

Laboratory tests using: Enviroflu-HC fluorometer & DU4 hand held display Nov 15th 2007

Instruments utilising optical characteristics of the sample to indicate the concentration of water/wastewater parameters have proven extremely popular over recent years. The advantages include:
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • No chemical usage/cost
  • High sensitivity
  • Very rapid measurement - continuous
  • In-situ measurement
  • No pretreatment

Recognizing these advantages Envitech have sourced the best available sensors, all with their unique characteristics and benefits, from a number of different manufacturers,enabling us to offer the best of the best to our clients.