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Manual Sampling

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Telescoop Sample Collection System

Envitech Ltd are able to supply a series of effective manual sampling devices for use in applications where samples can be taken by hand.

We have featured some of the more popular devices here, but we are able to source sampling equipment to suit a huge variety of applications - please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

The devices in the manual sampling range are suitable for many uses from sewage sampling, to groundwater sampling, for inert or hazardous chemicals.

Samples may be used to test for compliance. or to verify an existing online system. Envitech also supply a range of test kits which could also be used as part of a verification or compliance test.

Test kits range from simple dip tests and visible colour-reactions to the more advanced Nanocolor range which are combined with a spectrophotometer to give accurate repeatable results.

Immersion Samplers

Plunger Samplers

Hand Pump Samplers

Beaker/Scoop Samplers

Nancolor Test Kits