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nanocolor app

The new Macherey Nagel smartphone APP


Macherey Nagel have introduced a smart little Nanocolor app that helps Nanocolor customers identify test kits. It works using the QR code that can be found on every box. The QR code can direct you to the specific instructions for each test kit, the Safety Data and the expiry date. This can be particularly useful if the instructions go missing. You may also use it to work out whether the test kit you have just found is still in date or not.

Nanocolor QR code

You can download the app for iPhones via the Apple Store and Android phones via Google Play. You can use the app offline, so you don't need an internet connection once it has been downloaded.

Nanocolor is a range of water and wastewater test kits covering an extensive list of parameters from Aluminium to Zinc. Many of the more popular parameters are available in several different reading ranges. For instance, Ammonium is available in 5 different ranges, from 0-3 (effective measurement of 0.04 to 2.3mg/l) up to 0-200 (effective measurement of 30 up to 160mg/l).

You can see the range of Nanocolor kits if you click on the above link - please get in touch if you have specific requirements. We also offer a range of photometers from the Macherey Nagel range. Our photometers include portable and desk-top units, and you can use them to 'read' the Nanocolor test kits and record results. You can download test results  to a PC using the Nanocolor download software. A link is available from our software update page.

  • Direct access to relevant information

  • Fast response

  • Read and share information

  • Available offline

Visit the Macherey Nagel website for further information or scan the codes below:

Download from Apple store

Download from Google Play store