Measuring gas flow from small scale digesters

gas flow Single and dual-channel gas flow meters designed to replace wet test meters and similar low-flow devices for measuring gas flow from small scale digesters or other gas production devices.


  • Consists of gas measuring base/enclosure with built-in display.
  • The DFM502 accomodates 2 individual gas streams, the PGM 100 just one stream.
  • Both systems allow the cumulative flow to be totalized, or can be connected to a computer for continuous gas flow recording.



  • Lab digester monitoring
  • Denitrification studies
  • Replacement for most wet test meter applications
  • Precise flow measurement from 1 to 4000 ml/hr for the DFM502 and 0 to 18000ml/hr for the PGM 100
  • Data acquisition output
  • No moving parts
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