COD 10000 – COD tube test kits

Nanocolor COD 10000

COD tube test kits

Photometric determination using COD tube test kits

Photometric determination of chromium(III) concentration after two hours and
oxidation with potassium dichromate/sulphuric acid/silver sulphate at 148 °C.
The chemical oxygen demand of a water sample is determined by silver-catalysed oxidation with potassium dichromate/sulphuric acid at 148 °C during a two hour period.
COD tube test kits

Data and ordering information (985023)

Cat No. 985 023
Type tube tests 0 - 23
Range 1.00 - 10.00 mg/l O2
Sufficient for 20 determinations
Shelf life at least 1 year at 15 - 25 C
Sea water suitability no

(985-023) An extensive range of Macherey Nagel COD test kits are available for the following measurement ranges: COD 40COD 60, COD 160, COD 300, COD 600, COD 1500, COD 4000, COD 15000  and COD 60000

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