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COD 15000

Photometric determination of Chemical Oxygen Demand using COD test kits

Photometric determination of decrease in chromate concentration after two hours and oxidation with potassium dichromate / sulphuric acid/silver sulphate at 148 °C.
This COD test is in accordance to the DIN ISO 15705:2003. The chemical oxygen demand of a water sample is determined by silver-catalysed oxidation with potassium dichromate/sulphuric acid at 148 °C during a two hour period.


Data and ordering information (985-028)

Cat No. 985 028
Type tube tests 0 - 28
Range 1.00 - 15.00 g/l O2
Sufficient for 20 determinations
Shelf life at least 1 year at 15 - 25 C
Sea water suitability no

(985-028) An extensive range of Macherey Nagel COD test kits are available for the following measurement ranges: COD 40, COD 60, COD 160, COD 300, COD 600, COD 1500, COD 4000, COD 10000  and COD 60000

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