COD LR 150

Nanocolor COD 150

COD tests

Photometric determination using COD tests

Photometric determination of decrease in chromate concentration after
oxidation with potassium dichromate/sulphuric acid/silver sulphateReaction basis according to ISO 6060This test is in accordance to the ISO 15705:2002.ISO method: The chemical oxygen demand of water is determined by silver-catalyzed oxidation with potassium dichromate / sulfuric acid at 150 °C during a two hour period.


  • COD determination according to EPA 410.4 of the US Environmental Protection Agency andUS Standard Method 5220-D
  • Chloride masking up to 2000 mg/L

Data and ordering information (985036)

Cat No. 985 036
Type tube tests 0 - 36
Range 3 - 150 mg/l O2
Sufficient for 20 determinations
Shelf life at least 1 year
Sea water suitability no

Benefits of NANOCOLOR® tube tests in comparison to ISO 6060:
The new ISO 15705 is based on the same chemical reaction as the established ISO 6060. The water contents are oxidized by sulfuric acid and potassium dichromate in the presence of silver sulfate and mercury(II) sulfate. Compared with the ISO 6060, the new method, described in the ISO 15705 has significant advantages:
• Five times less mercury
• Comparably less other toxic and hazardous reagents
• All reagents are pre-dosed in round tubes
• Reduced risks for the user
• Reproducible results because of photometric determination

If the chloride content exceeds 1500 mg/L the sample has to be diluted with COD-free water, or you may use the chloride complexing agent.

Lower chloride concentrations are masked by the mercury(II) sulfate present in the test tubes.
(985-036) An extensive range of Macherey Nagel COD tests are available for the following measurement ranges: COD 40, COD 160, COD 300, COD 600, COD 1500, COD 4000, COD 10000, COD 15000  and COD 60000

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