Phosphate test kits 1

Nanocolor Ortho phosphate and total Phosphate 1

Phosphate test kits

Photometric determination using phosphate test kits

DIN method: ammonium molybdate reacts with orthophosphate ions to form phosphomolybdic acid. This is reduced to molybdenum blue. For the determination of total phosphate, an acidic oxidation at 100 – 120 °C must precede to detect poly- and organic phosphates. (Reaction basis according to DIN EN ISO 6878-D11).
phosphate test kits

Data and ordering information (985076)

Cat No. 985 076
Type tube tests 0 -76
Range 0.05 - 1.50 mg/L P (PO4-P)
0.2 - 5.0 mg/L PO4 3-
when using semi-micro cuvettes 50 mm (REF 919 50):
0.01 - 0.80 mg/L P (PO4-P)
0.03 - 2.50 mg/L PO4 3-
Sufficient for 20 tests
Shelf life at least 1 year
Sea water suitability yes (ortho-P)
(985-076)Occasional precipitations after the digestion can be filtered off with membrane filtration kit 0.45 µm (REF 916 50).

In case of a high content of organic matter and/or organically bound phosphorus, we recommend digestion with NANOCOLOR® NanOx Metal (REF 918 978).