Thiocyanate 50

NANOCOLOR Thiocyanate 50

Thiocyanate 50

Photometric determination of CNS-

(985-091) Thiocyanate reacts with iron(III) ions to form blood-red iron(III) thiocyanate.

The extensive Macherey Nagel Nanocolor range includes a water test kits to measure a wide variety of water and wastewater parameters.

Industries using resins often need to measure thiocyanate in discharged water.


Data and ordering information (985-091)

Cat No. 985 091
Type tube tests 0 - 91
Range 0.5 - 50.0 mg/L SCN
Sufficient for 20 tests
Shelf life at least 2 years
Sea water suitability yes, after dilution(1:2)


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