Visocolor Manganese



Colorimetric determination of manganese

In alkaline solution manganese ions react with formaldoxime to form an orange-red complex. Nickel interferes causing a yellow-green reaction colour.
(Reaction principle analogous to DIN 38406-E2)


Data and ordering information

Cat No. 920 055
Type high sensitive test kit
Range 0.0 - 0.03 - 0.06 - 0.10 - 0.15 - 0.20 - 0.25 - 0.30 - 0.40 - 0.50  mg/l Mn
Sufficient for 100 determinations
Shelf life at least 18 months
Sea water suitability yes, but depending on the composition of the sea water
Detectable with PF-11 no


Natural waters contain manganese in the divalent, soluble form as well as in colloidal tri- and tetravalent states. Valencies are interchanged by oxidation-reduction reactions taking place in the water. The test procedure determines all oxidation states of manganese.

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