Visocolor Total Hardness H 2F

VISOCOLOR Total Hardness H 2F

Total Hardness H 2F

Titrimetric determination of total hardness

Complexometric titration in accordance with DIN 38406 E3 and DIN 38409 H6.


Data and ordering information

Cat No. 915 002 (915 202)
Type high sensitive titration kit(refill pack)
Range 1 syringe is sufficient for the determination of 0.05 – 2.0 °d or 0.01 – 0.36 mmol/l Ca2+ (corresponds to 1 – 36 mg/l CaCO3)
Sufficient for 200 tests with an average hardness of 1 d or 0.18 mmol/l Ca2+
Shelf life at least 18 months
Sea water suitability yes, after dilution (1:30)
Detectable with PF-11 no

Additional reagent

Description Reagents VISOCOLOR® to eliminate copper ions during determination of toatal hardness
Cat No. 931 929


The total hardness of water is based on its content of alkaline earth ions (calcium and magnesium ions). This content depends on the geological conditions the water encounters during its course and may vary widely. Knowledge of the total hardness is important for the use of water in industrial as well as municipal applications, e. g. in the household as wash water or as boiler feed water in industry.

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