bbe_Benthotorch benthic algae monitoring

portable benthic algae analyser

The AlgSys_benthotorch

measuring benthic algae

The bbe Benthotorch measures benthic algae in real time and in-situ by utilising the characteristic fluorescence of different algal pigments in the intact cell, hence requiring no sample preparation. The amount of red fluorescence arising from excitation at different wavelengths gives a quantitative estimate of the algal density and its classification.

The Benthotorch is precalibrated for the most prominent algal classes in the field. The torch is activated simply by tilting the torch and swinging back again. A clearly presented menu enables one-step measurement by utilising the four touch sensitive keys by the display. Once the measurement has been started a count down timer is displayed and when finished, after ~ 15 seconds, a vibration alert is produced.
Its speed and simplicity of operation together with robust engineering and on board data logging make it an ideal tool for satisfying the requirements of the water framework directive.

The WDF states that the ecological status of water bodies should be regularly assessed.
Since primary producers, which include Benthic algae, are fundamental to the water body condition it has effectively become obligatory to study the development and abundance of these organisms. Conventional methods for assessing Benthic algae cannot distinguish the different classes and are extremely time consuming and expensive to perform.

For more information on the BenthoTorch, please follow the link to the bbe website


  • Green, blue green and diatom Chl A determination
  • Automatic substrate compensation
  • Data logger function
  • Hand-held operation
  • Touch-pad operation
  • GPS software as standard
  • Integral instrument display
  • PC software included
  • Internal rechargeable batteries with power-down feature
  • Measurands : green algae, diatoms, blue-green algae
  • Measuring range : 0 - 15 µg chl-a/cm2
  • Resolution : 0.1µg chl-a/cm2
  • Power Supply : 110/230V - 50/60Hz - 12V
  • Dimensions (H x Diameter) : 500 x 60 mm
  • Protection rating : IP68
  • Weight : 1.3kg
  • Operating Depth : 0-10m
  • Interface : USB
  • No sample preparation
  • Easy handling
  • Cable-free operation
  • Simultaneous determination of green, blue green algae and diatoms
  • Real-time data displayed
  • Rapid portable operation

BenthoTorch Brochure

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  • Format: PDF
  • Filesize: 970KB
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  • EU WFD ecological status assessment
  • Restoration/rehabilitation projects
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Limnological work
  • Research and education

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