bbe Algae Guard
Total Chlorophyll with Algal Class Determination

The bbe_Algaeguard continuous online fluorometer is a simplified version of the online Algal analyser from bbe Moldaenke.

The sample is irradiated by 6 LEDs of different wavelength emissions, the algal fluorescence at each wavelength is measured, and the spectra are mathematically processed using multiple linear regression techniques to give the best estimate of the amount of different algae classes present, together with the total Chlorophyll a from all algal sources.Yellow substances, which also fluoresce are measured with an extra LED and the results compensated accordingly.

Data is not stored and graphical representation is not available in the basic version, however it may be connected to a PC running the AOA software which will provide graphing and data storage options.


Total Chlorophyll determination - Four Algal class determinations - Yellow substance detection and compensation - Automatic cleaning4 integrated relays - Optional 4-20mA outputs - RS232 interface - Touch-screen display - Optional operation with PC for extra functionality


Plug & play operation - Immediate real-time data - No special skills, chemicals or reagents required - Minimal maintenance requirement - May be used to control abstraction pumps and to raise alarms


Abstraction monitoring - Lake and river monitoring - Power plant monitoring - Environmental monitoring - Research and development


Type: online multi-wavelength fluorometer
Optics: 6 LED light sources with photomultiplier detector
  • total Chlorophyll
  • green algae concentration
  • blue-green algae concentration
  • diaton concentration
  • cryptophyceae concentration
  • yellow substance correction
Range: 0-200 µg chl-a/l
Resolution: 0.1µg chl-a/l
Weight: 16kg
Housing Protection: IP54
Size (H x W x D): 420 x 520 x 200mm>
Power Supply: 230VAC / 110VAC
Sample Temperature: 0-30 deg C
Sample Volume: 30ml
Display: touch-screen
Interface: 4 integrated relays / RS232
Options: up to 16 x 4-20mA outputs and 12 digital outputs
Power Input: 30W
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