ELOX 100 – Chemical Oxygen Demand monitoring

ELOX 100
On-Line Chemical Oxygen Demand

Chemical Oxygen Demand monitoring is a measure of the organic load in a substance and, is therefore important as a measure of pollution, quantifying organic product loss and calculating effluent charges.The ELOX 100 uses a patented method to create OH radicals electrochemically. The beauty of this is that there are no caustic or hazardous reagents needed for the instrument and yet it will oxidise almost all organic components of the sample. The Flowsampler ensures a continuous flow of sample including particulate matter - without the need for filters. Chemical Oxygen Demand monitoring

Analyser Features:

  • Reagent Free
  • C.O.D. is accurate regardless of chloride concentration in sample
  • Ranges up to 100,000 mg/lt
  • Cost Effective Chemical Oxygen Demand monitoring for many applications
  • Easy to operate
  • Low Maintenance
  • Response time 2 Minutes



  • Continuous, (almost) Real Time C.O.D. measurement
  • Total oxidation of almost all organic compounds
  • Excellent correlation with Standard Methods
  • Reagent Free - no handling of hazardous chemicals
  • industrial Wastewater monitoring
  • process water control
  • municipal wastewater monitoring
  • product-loss control
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