QuickCODultra – Online COD

On-Line Chemical Oxygen Demand

LAR QuickCODultra

C.O.D. is a measure of the organic load in a substance and, is therefore important as a measure of pollution, quantifying organic product loss and calculating effluent charges.

The QuickCODultra uses high temperature to completely oxidise all organic components of the sample.

The Flow-sampler ensures a continuous flow of sample including particulate matter - without the need for filters.

The whole sample is  injected into the oven at 1200 degrees C. This ensures total oxidation of all the organic material in the sample without the need for any reagents or catalysts.

The QuickCODultra is a versatile analyser able to handle a diverse range of applications and types of water. Difficult types of water like process water and industrial waste-water can contain course materials as well as fluids which must be detected and analysed. Additionally, the measurement system should work continuously and reliably, so that impurities can be recognised early on and the appropriate countermeasures can be put in place. Plus, it should also be able to cope with waters with a high salt concentration without an increase in maintenance.

The total thermal oxidation technique is now available in a laboratory format - to find out more click here


  • Total Thermal Oxidation
  • True, direct measurement of Oxygen demand
  • Whole sample is taken
  • C.O.D. is accurate regardless of chloride concentration in sample
  • Ranges up to 250,000 mg/lt
  • ATEX options available
  • Manual sample measurement
  • Response time 1 -2 Minutes
  • Continuous, (almost) Real Time C.O.D. measurement
  • Total oxidation of organic compounds
  • No loss of volatile organics
  • Reagent Free - no handling of hazardous chemicals
  • thermal digestion
  • Ranges to suit all applications

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Case Study

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company in Workington, Cumbria has installed a Quick COD ultra for rapid
effluent measurement

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