OptoDOSys-Series 20

Wireless In-Situ Fluorescent DO

The OptoDOSys_20 Series Wireless System comprises a Process Transmitter, Sensor Transmitters, and selection of sensors from DO Probes, SS Probes, and pH/ORP Probes.The 20 Series System will support wireless communicatios with up to 16 Probes in any combination and is designed for flexibility with economical process monitoring and control.


- Supports comms with upto 16 sensors in any combination
- Line of sight range up to 1 mile
- Programmable backlit display
- 24 hr trend graph


- Reduced Installation costs
- Sensor and system benefits same as for OptoDOSys 1000 & MPA48


- Activated sludge monitoring & control
- Final effluent monitoring
- Process monitoring
- River monitoring stations

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