In-situ UV scanning spectral analysis

UV scanning analysis MultiSys_props is a multi-parameter analyzer utilising UV photometry, which combines high precision UV transmission measurements with a mathematical spectral analysis software in order to provide single substance concentrations from natural or artificial mixed samples. The system can determine simultaneously and online NO3, NO2, TOCeq, CODeq or many others parameters without chemical reagents.
Available in two versions:

  • MultiSys_propsWW: “Waste water” version for the most applications with an adjustable optical pathlength of 1 to 10mm and pressured air cleaning system
  • MultiSys_propsCW: Clear water version for application with low concentrations, for seawater applications and laboratory use.

The propsCW has an adjustable pathlength of 10 to 60mm and can be equipped with a cuvette holder for laboratory use.
Full functionality including fingerprinting and multiple specified parameters is available with propsWW or propsCW. The MultiSys_props measures a hyperspectral UV absorption spectrum to derive the individual measurement values. Additional calibration functions are offered and can easily be installed with assistance from Trios - without the need to purchase new hardware.

wastewater analysis
nitrate, COD, TOC analyser
online analysis
Alternatively, simplified versions are available as kits, which include everything required for the measurement of nitrate and/or CODeq/TOCeq, i.e. ProPS-UV sensor, TriBoxII controller, 10m sensor cable and 10m tube for air cleaning. All systems are delivered ready-to-measure, with an installed pre-calibration for the ordered parameters., which works in most applications. All kits offer a user add-on calibration to adjust the measurement values to the individual conditions (reference values) if required.


  • small size
  • easy upgrade options (new parameters can be easily added to an existing system
  • accessories include: flow-through units for bypass installations, cuvette holder for lab use, ai-cleaning system
  • depth rating: 2000m, 6000m deep sea version
  • optional titanium housing
  • no mechanical parts
  • newest anti-fouling technology with nano-coating (no pollution of the medium/environment with copper or TBT)
  •  adjustable pathlength


  • low maintenance costs (no chemical reagents or solvents required)
  • No frequent calibrations required
  • automatic error-detection
  • wide range of applications


  • wastewater monitoring
  • WWTP - process control
  • marine chemistry
  • water quality monitoring
  • laboratory use
  • potable water monitoring
  • river monitoring
  • industrial applications
  • food industry


  • Wavelength: 190-360nm, UV spectrometer (Zeiss)
  • Light source: Deuterium lamp - better than 0.1% stability after a few seconds, change lamp at intensity = 50%
  • Data Interface: RS232, SubConn micro 8 pin male
  • Data rate (RS232): 1,200 - 38,400 baud (selectable)
  • Power: 10-26VDC
  • Sampling frequency: max 1Hz
  • Material: seawater resistant plastic, SS or Titanium
  • Depth rating: 2000m , 6000m option
  • Dimensions: Ø6.8cm c 52cm (Ø8.0cm - deep sea version)
  • Operating temp: 0-40degC
  • Weight: (approx) 5kg (Stainless Steel), 3kg (Titanium)
  • Pathlength: 10-60mm adjustable (propsCW), 1-10mm (propsWW)
  • Accessories: flow-cell for by-pass installation, cuvette holder for laboratory use (propsCW only), air-clean system, power supply, TriBox measurement and control system


  • MultiSys_propsWW (wastewater): Stainless steel or Titanium outer shell, optical pathlength: 1 - 10m
  • MultiSys_propsCW (clear water): Stainless steel or Titanium outer shell, optical pathlength: 10 - 60mm
  • MultiSys_propsCW (deep sea): Titanium outer shell, extended depth rating (6000m), outer diameter 8.0cm, optical pathlength: 10 - 60mm
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