MultiSys_BlueSense - Multi-Parameter Monitoring

The Bluesense multi parameter system starts with a flexible combination of a transmitter and sensors which can easily be configured to a specific application, and expands out into a complete network of sensors and data tools including radio links.

wastewater analysis

BlueSense Transmitter

radio base unit

radio module

BlueSense transmitter

The Bluesense transmitter is the basis of this multiparameter system, but for additional functionality, it can be connected by CAN bus to its bigger 'brother' the BlueBox. the Bluebox allows data from the Bluesense to be sent to a PLC system or to be uploaded to a cloud server as part of a remote system. On its own, the BlueSense can take multiple sensors, provide 4-20mA outputs or trigger relays to operate pumps, valves etc. the Bluesense can also be fitted with an SD card for logging purposes and can be powered via mains electricity or 12/24VDC. We use it as the transmitter for our portable turbidity mains flushing equipment.

Each Bluesense transmitter can be connected to any 2 sensors from a huge list, as you can see from the below diagram, you are not limited to 2 sensors if the BlueBox system is used. However in some systems, Bluesense 'stations' may be used around a site, all connected to a BlueBox for data gathering and distribution. The Bluesense stations may be displays such as pictured, or 'slave' connectors without a display. With some parameters, temperature is also available as an add-on, giving 3 in total.

BlueBox transmitter


BlueBox transmitter

The BlueBox has many additional features and is linked into the system using the CAN bus system. It is capable of handling up to 300 sensors and actuators, and can transmit data via internet, mobile and networks. For applications needing more than 300 sensors, you can just add another BlueBox...!

This versatile unit can even be loaded up with SCADA software, meaning that you can grow the system from parameter monitoring right up to complete SCADA system with multiple sensors all from the same box of tricks. Additionally, sensors can be connected to the system via a radio link using the 2.4GHz frequency. With a transmission distance up to 4km line of sight, up to 4 radio modules can be connected to a single BlueBox controller.


There are dozens of sensors available for connection to this system, some are available in a flowcell format like our portable turbidity flowcell, others are constructed as dip-probes for open channel applications. Here's a selection:

Algae - Ammonia - Bromide - Calcium - Chlorine - Conductivity - Dissolved oxygen - Fluoride - Level - Nitrate - Oil - Ozone - pH - Potassium - Rain - Redox (ORP) - Temperature - Turbidity - Water pressure - Wind direction and wind-speed...



  • Effluent discharge monitoring
  • Storm water monitoring
  • Industrial process water control
  • Aquaculture
  • Environmental monitoring

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