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ph, ORP, Conductivity

All Data stick sensors including the pH, ORP, and Conductivity heads plug into a common data stick body. This may then be connected directly into a site PLC or into a transmitter/controller.

The simplest controller is the AV38 with two line display. A more sophisticated unit which will accommodate and display data from 4 sensors is the Aquapro.
The ORP & pH sensors utilise the Differential Electrode Technique, using two electrodes to compare the process value to a stable internal reference standard buffer solution. The standard electrode has a non-flowing and fouling- resistant characteristic.
There are two conductivity sensors, one being the toroidal unit which is ideal for heavy duty industrial use in corrosive environments and the twin electrode SS/Ti unit available in two cell constants which is ideal for cleaner environments such as potable water, power generation, pharmaceuticals etc.

Both the controller/display units are available with industry standard digital comms protocols such as : Modbus RTU, Device Net, Profibus DP/V1, and Ethernet/IP

PID control functions are available for use with pH or conductivity sensors.

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pH, ORP, DO and SS analysis
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