SampSys range from Envitech Ltd

Envitech offer a range of automatic samplers and accessories. We have both portable and fixed-site models and are happy to discuss your sampling applications. We can offer triggered or flow-related options, remote communications and ATEX samplers. We also have a small fleet of portable samplers for hire.

portable water sampler

SampSys_P - A low-cost Portable Sampler able to be configured for composite or descrete sampling, time-paced, event or flow-paced.

The SampSys samplers have analogue and digital inputs included as standard. Whole sampling programs or invidiual samples may be triggered remotely.

SampSys_F - A range of Refrigerated samplers including mCerts or ATEX certified models, multiple options including bottle configuration or pump type (vacuum or peristaltic).

The refrigerated samplers are very easy to install and offer a wide range of configuration options to suit many different applications.

refrigerated autosampler
atex sampler

ATEX samplers - SampSys samplers are available with ATEX Certification in portable and fixed-site formats. The portable sampler is rated for use in hazardous areas up to Zone1, the fixed site refrigerated unit is approved for up to Zone 2. Contact Envitech for more details.

Sampler connectivity - The SampSys samplers can beconfigured to take digital and/or analog inputs or to link to a multi-parameter sonde.

There is an option for direct connection to a range of sondes that offer a wide range of parameters. The parameters can be used to trigger sample or just simply logged with sample data.

Envitech have recently introduced a range of manual sampling devices, click on the images below for more details:

SampSys_M - range of a series of effective manual sampling devices for use in applications where samples can be taken by hand. This range complements our range of automatic samplers as a lower-cost simpler alternative. The SampSys_M range are suitable for many uses from sewage sampling, to groundwater sampling, for inert or hazardous chemicals - examples of the product types are below:
Immersion Systems Plunger Samplers Hand-pump samplers Beaker/Scoop samplers Specialist sampling devices