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The Envitech manual sampler range has a series of effective manual sampling devices for use in applications where samples can be taken by hand.

These devices are low-cost and highly effective, only a small selection of the complete range is shown here, so please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Hand pumps from Envitech include:

  • SampSys_M_Vampire
  • SampSys_M_Profisampler
  • SampSys_M_Unisampler
  • SampSys_M_Minisampler

Vampire Sampler - Click to expand

Based around a high-quality portable drilling system, VAMPIRE is a portable, battery-powered hose pump for liquids. Ideal for sampling from barrels, tanks, wells, separators and purification systems.

The system requires minimum effort and can easily be carried around from sample-point to sample-point on a large site.

The Vampire sampler system includes a rugged transport case, two rechargeable batteries, charger, pump hose, sample bottle and holder.

PROFISAMPLER has been specially developed for rough industrial use in drums, tanks tankers, ships, lakes and groundwater

UNISAMPLER uses a hand-held vacuum pump transferring samples directly into a sample bottle.

It can be supplied in a format for sampling from deep, narrow, hard-to-reach spots, for sampling hazardous materials (Vbf Hazard Class A1 - flammable liquids), and for sampling from precisely determined depths.

MINISAMPLER incorporates a system reducing sample-contact to a minimum, air-tight caps and tamper-evident safety seals ensure non-contaminated samples.

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