Immersion samplers

Immersion Sampling

The SampSys_M range are a series of effective manual sampling devices for use in applications where samples can be taken by hand. This range complements our range of automatic samplers as a lower-cost simpler alternative.

Immersion systems from Envitech include:

  • Immersion cylinders
  • Dipping bottles
  • Aquasampler

Please get in touch for more information about equipment suitable for your specific sampling requirements

Immersion Cylinder
Dipping Vessels
Immersion cylinders include a range of devices that can be deployed into a sampler stream to collect a sample. The cylinder is then retrieved and the sample released. The Target Immersion Cylinder takes samples from a specific target depth.Dipping bottles and dipping vessels are suitable for Explosion Protected Zones.

Aquasampler collects ground water samples from wells, pits and other sources down to 2" diameter. It features FEP/PTFE ultrapure, anti-adhesive surface

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