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The Envitech manual sampling range has a series of effective manual sampling devices for use in applications where samples can be taken by hand.

This range is a low-cost and effective solution for a variety of sampling applications

  • SampSys_M_Telescoop
  • SampSys_M_Chemistryscoop
  • SampSys_M_Steelscoop

Please get in touch for more information about equipment suitable for your specific sampling requirements

Telescoop is a versatile sampling system with exchangeable beakers/tools for a wide range of sampling applications. Sampling down to a depth of 6m can be achieved with this lightweight adjustable telescopic rod. This popular range features beakers with varying volumes and in various materials suitable for specific applications. the rods themselves are also available in a range of sizes.

Chemistryscoop has been specially designed for aggressive liquids with a fixed rod in three sizes, made of polypropylene.

Steelscoop uses a pore-free, laser-welded stainless steel beaker that can be flame-sterilized for germ-free sampling.

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