Remote Data Access

Envitech Remote Data Access Facility

Envitech are able to offer various remote data access solutions. One example is remote maintenance option for the On-line analyzers to be supplied as part of a WWTP intake protection system at an industrial site.

The prime aim of this is to facilitate remote access to the analyzers from Envitech's service department using remote dial in modem access. In order to simplify the proposed system and enable flexibility a facility will be provided for the local operator to switch the modem access to the relevant analyzer that needs investigating. It is possible that at a later stage using a multiple serial port PC card with auto switch facility, switching between analyzers could be done remotely.

It is suggested that:

  • Customer provide a PC, running Win 98 or higher with modem access (minimum specification to be provided later)
  • Envitech will provide the remote access software (with cabling) and test the system using the Tesxaco hardware to ensure successful operation - first at its own workshops and then during commissioning within the customer monitoring station.
Envitech provides a growing number of its analyzer installations with a remote maintenance capability and this has been found to have several key advantages, for both supplier and customer, such as:
  • Reduced analyzer downtime due to the ability to diagnose faults quickly
  • Reduced time required by on site operators to pass on information to Envitech support
  • Ability to prevent necessary site visits
  • Provide information for preventative maintenance - i.e. indication that sensor internal calibration is out of spec and needs attention
  • Provide useful information is assessing likely fix before a site visit occurs
  • Overall validation of the measured result
As indicated this system could be upgraded at a later stage to automatic remote access to allow Envitech to remotely choose which analyzer to access. This could be used as part of a remote monitoring facility similar to that provided for other customers such as a weekly or daily check on analyzer operation.

The cost of the software required is budgeted at £1,000 with an estimated three days time required for setup and configuration although this will depend on the number and type of analyzers included as part of the Envitech package. Hence budget costs would be:

  • Software for local remote access for a range of on-line analyzers, to run under Win 98 on PC provided by customer (spec to agreed later) £1000
  • 3 days software configuration @ £650 per day £1,950
  • Cabling from serial connections to local PC serial port £350

Hence total budget cost £3,300