Web Server Monitoring

Webserver Access for Analyser Data

online NH4
  • GSM/GPRS web access for logged analyser data
  • SMS alarm text messaging
  • Email alam messaging
  • Event activated on:
  1. Above a threshold
  2. Below a threshold
  3. Within a range
  4. Outside a range
  • AND/OR logical conditions extends activation option
  • Data download direct into excel via csv file

Features A real time 24 hr TOC trend from an Isco EZTOC analyser accessed using explorer via internet and Envitech's new webserver access facility.

The Webserver Data Module allows remote access using a web browser anywhere on the internet of analyser data with also a SMS text message / email alarm option. Trending of data based on a 24 hr / 7 day / monthly view can be accessed directly via internet. Easily configurable including ranges for alarms and inputs.

The alarm SMS text message can also be sent to a user selected mobile phone or direct to a
PC which can store and re-direct message to on-call engineer. The alarm or status message can be activated by a range of monitored parameter