Optical DO


Envitech offers a range of Optical Dissolved Oxygen analyers for measuring Disscolved Oxygen in process, wastewaters and natural watercours. The range of instrumentation includes fixed site and hand-held devices for use in many different applications.

dissolved oxygen sensor
optical dissolved oxygen


The OptoDOSys_1000 dissolved oxygen analyser is a unique system that combines advanced electronics with a solid-state optical sensor. No other dissolved oxygen system can compare with the features and benefits of this revolutionary design. The Model 10 sensor utilizes an optical technique that does not consume oxygen like all standard membrane sensors.

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portable dissolved oxygen


The OptoDOSys_3100 portable dissolved oxygen analyser is a state of the art, easy to use meter that provides many benefits to the plant operations staff.

  • fluorescence sensor technology
  • no membranes, fill solutions, or cartridges
  • sensor does not have to remain moist
  • data logging with optional direct downloading to your PC
  • calibration is factory programmed

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dissolved oxygen analyser


MJK have added an optical dissolved oxygen sensor to their range of analysers. The analyser comprises the familiar optical sensor with an MJK converter, combining to provide features above and beyond other DO systems. The specs for this system include accuracy of 1% or 0.02ppm, resolution of 0.02ppm and a range of 0-25ppm (temperature range 0-50degC).

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OptoDOSys MPA48 is a multi channel (4-8) multiparameter system capable of taking DO, SS, pH and ORP in any combination.

OptoDoSys-Series 20

The OptoDoSys_20 Series wireless system comprises a Process Transmitter, Sensor Transmitters and selection of sensors from DO Probes, SS Probesm and pH/ORP Probes. The 20 Series System will support wireless communications with up to 16 probes in any combination and is designed for flexibility with economical process monitoring and control.

OptoDOSys_ RDOpro

The OptoDOSys_RDOpro is an alternative DO measuring system utilising Fluorescence phase shift technology. It is extremely stable and rugged and may be connected direct to site PLC if wished.
A purpose made air clean head is available for dirty water applications.