Mobile Site Trailer for Wastewater Investigations

Mobile Waste Water Monitoring Trailer

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 Waste Water Monitoring Investigations using Mobile Trailer

Process plant performance can be assessed much more effectively and often with cost savings if real time data is available. Envitech can offer process analysers for site surveys with a complete installation and data monitoring service using Web Access / GPRS /GSM telemetry systems. The Envitech Mobile Site Trailer can provide a rapid means to generate a wide range of waste water parameters. Only services needed are a power supply and we can deliver with sample pump and hoses ready to go.

If required we can fit our innovative Vortex filter system to ensure reliable photometric type measurement.

In-situ analysers that can placed direct within the waste water stream without the need of pumps can also be integrated into the trailer facility

There is also a small lab facility for field lab test validations using our extensive range of Macherey Nagel Photometeric instruments using Nanocolor or Visicolor test kits.


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 Waster water variability detected and designed for 

Diurnal load patterns, rogue discharges at the inlet including toxic inputs, and overall treatment performance throughout the WWTP can all be assessed with on-line analysers based on parameters such as TOC, BOD, COD, Toxicity, Ammonia, Solids and others. On-line process data can be used to assess when and where additional laboratory analysis would also be helpful, and this  investigative approach can save significant time and money in lab costs.

A full plant performance report can be generated using data available remotely which reduces site time & costs incurred.

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 A Range of Insitu and Process Analysers Available kitted out within trailer

Knowing the best parameter to measure to detect waste water variability is half the battle. The mobile facility offers the option to assess a range of parameters including:

  • TOC - either High temp or low temp UV
  • COD - genuine oxygen demand measurement
  • BOD - genuine on-line BOD measurement with a 3 minute response time (It IS possible!)
  • COD/ BOD / SAK - using Uv/Vis surrogate - using easy to deploy dip probe
  • Toxicity - using a immobilized biomass or activated sludge
  • Ammonia using either AmNisys ISE probe or GSE autocalibrating PBS
  • Dissolved Oxygen - Optical system with no membranes to foul or get damaged by photobleaching
  • Suspended Solids - both low and high range SS options available
  • pH, conductivity , Temperature
  • Oil in water
  • and others to....! - please contact us for details