InsiteIG 1500 suspended solids monitor

InsiteIG 1500
Suspended Solids Monitor

The InsiteIG 1500 suspended solids monitor has been superseded by the InsiteIG 'SCA' (Single Channel Analyser) utilising the same sensor technology with a more flexible transmitter system.

The same Suspended Solids sensor can be used with any of the Isite IG transmitters.

[For reference only..] Part of a range from Insite IG featuring optical sensors for Suspended Solids and Dissolved Oxygen, the Model 1500 is a fixed site suspended solids monitor designed primarily for Mixed Liquor monitoring. Hand held suspended solids and optical dissolved oxygen monitors utilising the same sensors are also part of the same instrument range. The suspended solids monitor is available with a low range (0-1500mg/l) or high range (0-30,000mg/l) sensor to suit different environments. In this same range, a transmitter (Model 2000) is also available which can either combine the two sensors (Suspended Solids and Dissolved Oxygen), or provide a reading from two sensors of the same type. This may be useful where two adjacent channels (such as aeration lanes) can be monitored using a single controller with dual outputs.


  • near IR single path absorption
  • automatic air cleaning option
  • backlit LCD display
  • automatic air cleaning option
  • two sensor ranges
  • single/multiple channel options available
  • analogue/digital output
  • optimal pre-programmed response curve
suspended solids monitor



  • not affected by colour
  • minimal maintenance
  • automatic error detection
  • extended warranty for sensor
  • activated sludge monitoring and control
  • final effluent monitoring
  • process monitoring
  • river and lake monitoring