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Technical Info - Lab equipment

We are happy to provide technical information concerning the range of lab equipment that we supply:

  • Help in choosing the correct equipment/method for your application
  • Care and Maintenance
  • Health & Safety issues

Choosing the correct equipment

Macherey Nagel PF12 portable photometer

Macherey Nagel PF12 plus hand held photometer

We supply a range of equipment from Macherey Nagel in Germany. The range comprises all the different tests you would need to measure water and wastewater for both municipal, educational/research and industrial applications. The range covers all options from simple test strips and visual tests through to spectrophotometers with ready-prepared reagent test-tubes.

The most comprehensive range is our Nanocolor tests for use with one of the range of spectrophotometers - you can see the range of tests using this link.

Macherey Nagel PF12 portable photometer

QuickCODlab analyser

Not only are there a vast range of parameters that you can measure with the Macherey Nagel kit, there are a wide variety of spectrophotometers and accessories available to measure them with. There are a range of small hand-held units for measurement of a limited number of parameters through to desk-top full range UV-vis spectrophotometers. Macherey Nagel also offer heating blocks for processing tests that need to be digested, and even automatic readers that can read and log test-strips.

Envitech Ltd are also experienced in supplying Aerobic and Anaerobic respirometers for a wide variety of applications for solid or liquid sample measurement. We also have a desk-top COD analyser,  QuickCODlab enabling fast reagent-free measurements in a laboratory environment.

Get in touch to let us know more about your application:

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Macherey Nagel app

Click the image to download the RAN request

Care and maintenance

We can offer re-calibration services for Macherey Nagel spectrophotometers in our Cardiff workshop including a full-range extinction test. Your photometer will periodically request calibration. As part of the service, we can also offer any software upgrades that may have been issued since your equipment was last upgraded. You can use our Returns Procedure to request a RAN (returns authorisation number) prior to sending your equipment to us for servicing or repair. Repairs may be carried out in-house or returned to the manufacturers depending on the fault.

We are happy to offer information and advice for lab equipment over the phone or by email, so feel free to get in touch. We can also demonstrate the equipment either at your premises or ours.

We also offer re-calibration services for our fixed-site and hand-held dissolved oxygen sensors. You can use our returns system to send back the hand-held units or sensors for re-calibration. We can arrange site calibration and verification using our service team. We are also happy to give advice on calibration and verification of the dissolved oxygen kit, and have produced some information which is available in our downloads section. Get in touch so that we can upgrade your Envitech Account to 'verified client' to get access to extra data sheets.

Macherey Nagel app

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is an important aspect of both field and lab work, we can offer advice for risk assessment, and MSDS are available for all the test-kits that we supply. Macherey Nagel offer a smartphone app for recognition of test kits, the app can also tell you the expiry date of the kit and provide you with the MSDS and test method information via a QR code supplied with every test kit.

You can download the App for free from the App Store or Google Play via the Macherey Nagel website, or search for 'nanocolor'.