Portable MLSS monitor

Insite IG 3150 portable MLSS

3150 portable MLSS

hand-held portable MLSS

The 3150 portable MLSS analyser is widely used throughout the UK along with it's 'sister' unit the 3100 dissolved oxygen monitor. The technology is right up to date, and it couldn't be easier to use. It comes pre-configured with a calibration curve suitable for Mixed Liquor suspended solids in a wastewater treatment plant. However, you can correlate the unit with your own on-site data to provide a simpler, faster alternative to the traditional manual method.

The monitor can record 50 data points for recall or download to a PC. You can log these data points into different 'locations' in the unit memory. You can use this feature can be used to measure several points in a process, several ponds/lagoons in a system or different depths using the 8m sensor cable.

Available in two ranges, the low range unit measures 0-1500mg/l, the standard/high range unit measures 0-30,000mg/l. The sensor can operate in a temperature range of 0-65 degrees Celcius, and in up to 100psi pressure environments. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery pack, a charging unit and download software for storing data on a PC in CSV format.

This analyser comes from a 'family' of analysers manufactured in the USA by InsiteIG. Within this family are both portable and fixed site systems for dissolved oxygen and suspended solids. Other parameters are also available for fixed site systems. The portable and fixed site units use the same sensor technology meaning that you can use a calibrated portable system to validate your fixed site units.

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