PF3 Compact Photometers

Learn about the Macherey Nagel Smartphone App that can recognise QR codes on Nanocolor test kits for our portable photometers.

This app lets you know the expiry date of the test, can provide certificates, tell you the expiry data, and show you how to use the kit properly.

In addition, you can get access to vital safety data just from scanning the QR code using your mobile device.

Compact Portable Photometers

compact portable photometers

PF-3 photometers

The new range of compact portable photometers PF-3 is the smallest member of the MACHEREY-NAGEL photometer family. The instrument is the logical addition to the Macherey Nagel product portfolio and perfectly fits a tradition of reliability, user friendliness and innovation.

Macherey Nagel have equipped each PF-3 with three LEDs generating three different wavelengths. It comes in multiple versions able to measure different sets of wavelengths. These versions are designed to meet the analysis requirements of specific applications. Currently, we can provide five distinct PF-3 versions indicated below. Each version is able analyse a particular set of parameters chosen to meet the requirements of the specific application.

M N Photometers

Measure what you want, when you want, where you want.

The PF-3 can handle both our convenient NANOCOLOR® tube tests, as well as the economical VISOCOLOR® test kits. By combining these two test-kit series, the PF-3 portable photometers provide maximum flexibility and allow the customers to address their individual analysis needs. Their robust compact design makes them ideal for use in the field, right at the sharp end of water measurement.


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