Hand held algae monitors

Overview of the Envitech range of portable Algae Monitors utilising different methods


The bbe algae torch is a hand held measurement system capable of logging and direct read out. This instrument is particularly suited to non-skilled operation and multiple measurements. The portable nature of the torch allows multiple measurements in a single body of water. The algae torch can measure both total and blue green algae concentrations. Applications include Bathing water control and water works operations monitoring.
algae monitors


Part of the bbe range of algae monitors, the bbe Benthotorch is specifically designed to fulfil the needs implicit in the Water Framework Directive. The Benthotorch is useful for frequent and long term monitoring of Benthic algal populations. Measures Green, blue-green and diatom populations in attached Benthic layers.

benthotorch benthic algae monitors


The bbe Fluoroprobe is a sophisticated profiling and logging device suitable for Marine and Freshwater applications. This is a multi wavelength fluorescence device. The fluoroprobe is capable of both total chlorophyll determination and discrimination into up to 4 algal classes. Automatic yellow substance compensation is applied.
fluoroprobe algae monitors