In-Situ Ammonia measurement AmNiSys

In-situ Ammonia measurement

ammonia monitor

AmNiSys in-situ probe

The AmNisys is an ion selective electrode monitor for ammonia measurement in all areas of waste water. It is normally supplied in an enclosure complete with integral compressor for air cleaning of the electrodes. We can also supply component parts for a client to install as required.

ammonia monitor

AmNiSys Transmitter

A low-cost, in-situ combination Ammonia measurement system with a proven track record in wastewater applications. The AmNiSys is widely used in both Inlet and Final Effluent applications by UK wastewater companies. The low cost element means that it is suitable for smaller works such as private treatment plants.

Its unique membrane provides a robust measurement performance as the electrodes respond more accurately to ammonia. For known and unavoidable interferences, such as potassium, automatic compensation can be made with integral ISE sensors.

The latest version of the probe includes both Ammonia and pH as standard parameters, two additional parameters may be added if required.

It is simple to deploy and is ideal for “in-process” monitoring, and is our recommended option for inlet monitoring.


  • Operation Principle: Ammonia selective electrode, Nitrate-selective electrode, compensated for Potassium, Chloride, pH and temperature
  • Ranges: 0.1 - 1000mg/l NH4-N / 0.1 - 1900mg/l NO3 / pH 2-12 / Temp 0-40deg C
  • Resolution/Repeatability: dependent on parameter
  • Accuracy: 5% of full-scale
  • Response time: 95%<1m
  • Calibration: Manual, single-point, offset or 2-point calibration in simple matrix
  • Current Loop: 4 x 4-20mA into 500 Ohms
  • Load: 15VA max (excluding optional cleaning compressor)
  • Electrodes: Ion-selective, and reference
  • Automatic air cleaning
  • Optional auto-compensation for interfering ions
  • Single or multiple parameters including NH4-N, pH, K, CL-
  • Graphic display from up to 4 sensors
  • 4 x analogue outputs, 5 configurable relays, RS232, optional PROFIBUS
  • Fully serviceable low-cost sensors, no sensor replacement necessary
  • Digital data transmission from sensors

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