QuickTOCuv Total Organic Carbon Monitor


persulphate Total Organic Carbon monitor

LAR QuickTOCuv Analyser

The QuickTOCuv uses low-temperature UV-promoted, persulphate oxidation to convert organic carbon compounds to CO2, which is then measured using a non-dispersive infrared detector to determine the total organic carbon.

Inorganic Carbon is removed by acidification with phosphoric acid and gas sparging. This process can be removed to give a Total Carbon measurement.

The QuickTOCuv was developed to perform TOC/DOC measurements with the approved UV-Persulphate method.

Total Carbon Monitor (TC)  can easily be measured in water with the QuickTOCuv. The sample is mixed with air (the carrier gas) and  sodium persulphate. This mixture flows into the UV reactor where the carbon is converted to carbon dioxide gas. The carbon dioxide is measured in the NDIR and used to calculate the Total Carbon in the sample.

Total Organic Carbon Monitor (TOC) is measured using the "Direct Method" which can more accurately be called the "Non Purgeable Organic Carbon Method". The QuickTOCuv uses a two stage process to make this measurement. The sample flows into the analyser and is acidified with sulphuric acid. This causes the inorganic carbon to be released from the liquid phase as carbon dioxide gas. This separation process will also release any purgeable, volatile organics with the carbon dioxide gas. The sample is then pumped into the UV reactor with conditioned air and sodium persulphate. This oxidises the organic carbon to carbon dioxide which is measured in the NDIR detector.


  • Increase the efficiency of water/wastewater treatment to reduce process costs in both industrial and municipal applications.
  • Measurement in Ultra Pure Water; Drinking Water; Surface Water and Waste Water.
  • Provide warning of organic spills, to protect expensive processes and equipment in addition to monitoring for regulatory compliance.

Physical characteristics:

  • Enclosure: IP54 Options for IP65 (NEMA 4x), Atex Zone 1 and 2 (T3 T4)
  • Size (HxWxD): 630mm x 740mm x 380mm (WxDxH)
  • Weight: 45 Kg


  • Continuous TC TOC/DOC measurement
  • Auotcalibration
  • High accuracy and repeatability because of the cutting edge gas and liquid handling
  • Control via industrial PC
  • State of the Art System Diagnostics
  • Dual Channel Option
  • Ambient air conditioning Option
  • Humidity sensor Option - For NDIR protection
  • Pressure Sensor Option - For improved system control
  • Function: Total Organic Carbon Monitor (TOC) or Total Carbon Monitor (TC)
  • Operating principle: UV-promoted, sodium persulphate oxidation. Non-dispersive infrared detection
  • Measurement ranges: Six full-scale ranges between 1 and 10,000 mg/L carbon.
  • Analogue output: Programmable, user-selectable 4-20mA or 0-20mA current loop
  • Serial Interface: RS232 for remote control - via TCP/IP protocol
  • Status Output: 4 relay contacts
  • Display: 10.4" High Resolution Graphic screen LCD, backlit
  • Power requirements: 115 or 230 VAC 50-60Hz
  • Operating ambient temperature: > 5°C to 35°C
  • Calibration: manual and automatic
  • Response time: Less than 2 minutes
  • Sample: Continuous flow through overflow vessel inlet tubing 6mm I/D, waste tubing 8mm I/D
  • Sample pressure: Max 0.2 bar
  • Drain pressure: Gravity drain, vented to atmosphere

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