In-situ spectral analysis

wastewater analysis
GO-Sys_ISA gives calculated values for COD, TOC, Nitrate and other parameters.It can measure a number of parameters simultaneously. It does this by measuring UV vis spectra (200 - 720nm) for known samples at each site. Envitech then run GO - Systems' very sophisticated software which calibrates the parameter (for example COD) against the spectra. This innovative approach allows a calculated measurement using no reagents, a very useful monitor in many situations.
The ISA system incorporates special features including a special coating on the lens and an option for air cleaning -this allows the system to run for long periods between maintenance routines.The GO-Sys_isa is designed so that the sensor head only contains the optics, the lamp and measurement electronics are mounted in the sensor module component - this allows the sensor to function in temperatures up to 110degC, ideal for sterilization in food industry applications.The 'BlueBox' transmitter is capable of communicating using a wide variety of protocols including ethernet, internet, SMS. email and via a USB port:
multiparameter monitoring station


 COD - TOC in Dairy, Food and Chemical Industry   Nitrate in all types of waters

Features and Benefits

  • air-cleaning option
  • special lens coating for long-term deployment
  • adjustable measuring path
  • sensor-head can be sterilised at high temperature
  • multi-application
  • multi-parameter options
  • no reagent costs
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