Monitoring pH, ORP, DO and SS

ph, DO, SS and ORP

InsiteIG Multiparameter

The MultiSys_mpa multi-channel analyser is a unique system combining advanced electronics with solid-state optical sensors and is the latest improvement from InsiteIG.


The analyser will accept 1 to 8 inputs from any combination of DO, SS, pH, and ORP, sensors, and automatically configure for the correct operation. This makes the cost per measuring point one of the lowest available.

The Dissolved Oxygen sensor does not need membranes; solutions, or any consumables. The low-maintenance sensor also carries a factory calibration which means it is not likely to need routine re-calibration.

The Suspended Solids sensor is based on near infrared technology, which eliminates inaccuracies caused by changes in the process color.

The pH and ORP electrodes are both flat glass, with double reference junctions, and temperature compensated. Both probes feature quick disconnect cartridge design for easy maintenance and fast changes.

The Insite IG range includes a portable logger, a single channel analyser and a dual channel analyser - these are all capable of reading any of the parameters listed above.



  • 4 sensor channels (upgradable to 8)
  • automatic sensor configuration
  • continuous display of all channels
  • memory backup
  • backlit graphical LCD display
  • UV protected display
  • contrast adjustment via keypad
  • temp. range: -20°C to 70°C
  • enclosure NEMA 4X
  • optically isolated RS-485 Modbus
  • RS_232 serial port

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