Turbidity Measurement

The SolSys_M is an advanced optical suspended solids/turbidity measurement system. It's six optical path configurations combined with neural net based software enables measurement from very low range to thick sludges with the same sensor.

This robust sensor has optional self-cleaning and is suitable for tank or in-pipe applications.


  • multi-path optics with pulsed 860nm source
  • scratch-resistant sapphire glass windows
  • acid-proof, chrome dioxide coated full gloss steel body
  • optional mechanical wiper
  • single/double/triple point calibration
  • backlit LCD display
  • analogue/digital output
  • real-time graphics and logging
  • in-pipe or in-tank deployment
turbidity measurement



  • suitable for chemically aggressive or extreme fouling applications
  • minimal maintenance and calibration
  • one sensor covers many ranges
  • high accuracy over large range
  • activated sludge monitoring and control
  • final effluent monitoring
  • industrial process monitoring
  • potable water abstraction monitoring
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Envitech has a range of portable and fixed-site instrumentation for turbidity measurement, suspended solids and dissolved oxygen suited to a wide range of water and wastewater applications from MJK.

MJK Automation is a leading supplier of equipment for measurement and control for drinking water treatment, sewage water and industrial applications. They supply and service equipment worldwide, through subsidiary companies and a network of authorized distributors.