On-line and laboratory analysis techniques

Broad band toxicity detection for intake protection, WWTP control, final effluent consent or drinking water applications- differing techniques are appropiate for differing applications:

  • Sensitive monitoring for toxicity for river water
  • Detection of water intakes - even against malicious attacks - appropiate detection at required sensitivity
  • WWTP intake for biomass protection - adaption needed to reproduce plant biomass response
  • WWTP outlet for watercourse / sewer toxicity measurement - immoblised biomass preferable due to lack of access to local WWTP

Deciding which toxicity method or analyser is suitable for your application - factors to consider are:

  • Sensitivity needed
  • Biologically adapted or non- adapted & ease of access to local biomass ?
  • Ease of use / running costs
  • Toxic detection of which compound

On line Toxicity - choose the technique best suited to your application


Online toxicity available in different formats to suit various applications from WWTP intake protection to MLSS treatment and river monitoring.

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online toxicity


oxygen demand

The Oxygen Demand Monitor is a rugged unit designed to measure and record oxygen demand either continuously or in batch mode according to your needs

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The bbe Algae Toximeter provides continuous toxicity measurement based on changes in the fluorescence spectrum and fluorescence kinetics of the algae. Ideally suited to the detection of herbicides and pesticides

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toxicit measurement


daphnia toximeter

Highly sensitive toxicity measurement technique.The Daphnia Toximeter continuously records and analyses the movement of daphnia in the instrument chamber where they are under the influence of “source” or “test” water

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Laboratory Toxicity Assessment - choose the technique suited to your application


A laboratory algal monitor capable of measuring algal activity. As such it may be used to assess the effects of discharges on the viability of suspended aquatic algae. Ideal for testing potential agrochemical effluents prior

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algal monitor



A range of respirometers for aerobic or anaerobic applications

Test Kits

Envitech Ltd are now distributors for Macherey Nagel test kits comprising a range of test strips, photometers and other methods of measuring specific chemicals  either in the field or in a laboratory enviroment. The range of tests available includes quick and easy test papers, special kits developed to avoid the use of hazardous substances (VISOCOLOR ECO, and a range of photometric measuring devices ranging from hand-held such as the compact PF-12, to table-top devices such as the NANOCOLOR 400D and 500D, the NANOCOLOR VIS spectrophotometer and the NANOCOLOR UV/VIS spectrophotometer.

Macherey Nagel are well established in Europe with 100 years of experience in analytical chemistry and a world-wide market.The Macherey Nagel quality system is certified to EN ISO 9001:2008

toxicity test kits